Monday, December 15, 2008

Red Ear Syndrome

I thought this was just something that happened to everybody. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Not much is known about Red Ear syndrome, but I have it. My ear, just my right ear, gets really hot and red. It doesn't hurt, but sometimes it spreads to the skin above my cheekbone. It has been linked to Chronic Paroxysmal Hemicrania, except I don't get headaches. Just one really hot ear. Is this information important to the rest of the world....maybe. If there are more hot ears out there, we should get to the bottom of this.


david said...

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haadiya said...

I just started researching this today. My 12 year old daughter has it for several years now. I didn't think much of it because her father has the same thing. It happens to one ear only. Different ears, but not both at the same time. It concerns me because she also has other neuro/psychiatric problems that has interfered with her education and social abilities. I feel she has not been properly diagnosed and decided to research the red ear thing. I'm not sure if there is any connection, but it's a relief to she is not alone with the red ear syndrome. At least now there's a name for it.

Kiyah said...

I just started researching this. I have had this problem for maybe 2 years now...except mine can happen in either one or BOTH ears...and ive noticed recently its been happening more often. It is never at the same time and doesnt matter what i am doing,it just happens anytime,whenever. my ears turn BRIGHT red and they feel like they are on fire...ive always jokingly called it MY red ear syndrome not knowing that was an actual disorder. Im not having much luck on finding the cause or any solution.would appreciate some feedback if anybody has any info! thank you!-Kiyah 28,WI

Anonymous said...

My 12 yo son just had one of these episodes this weekend. It was not the first time, but, 'may' have only been the 3rd time this happened, that I know of. This time it stood out to me, because of how he acted 'during' the red hot pain of his ears. He was riding in the front seat with me, then yelped, and turned up the AC so high, it froze me and he said, 'my ears are so hot!!!' a few minutes later he started licking his hands, and slapping his ears to cool them down. (very odd) he was VERy distressed by the heat of his ears. Once home, sure enough, I could see how VERY red they were. He was nearly in tears. He had swam that day and I suspected swimmers ear...(I am a nurse...but, I thought it was a fair assesment?) But, looking from the outside, into his inner ear, it looked 'normal' but, his outer lobe was fire engine red! My husband said, 'sunburn...' So, I put some cooling agent on his ears. But, later that night, the 'sunburn' dissapeared. Today, NO SUNBURN! then one ear lit up!!! and he let me know, it 'was hot' again. Then I remembered, I had photographed his ears at least a 3 years ago. His ears were so red, compared to his pale face, that they were almost blue. I still have that photo.

THings of NOTE, about this son, with the red ear issue:

1- He is VERY sensitive to having his ears cleaned! I have 6 kids...NO ONE does what he does when I clean their lobes, and outer ear with Q-tips...he literally freaks and chokes and gags. Being that this is an 'ear' thing, I think it is noteable, and wonder about the cranial nerves serving that area of his head?

2- He has speech issues and has needed speech therapy for some time now.

3- He does have some significant learning challenges so much so that he requires an IEP for school.

4- He has bad posture, and core body weakness.

5- He happens to have congenital heart disease. (L-Transposition of the great vessels)

Hope this helps...I have never told the Ped...I think I will now.