Friday, January 2, 2009

Body Worlds 3

Last Tuesday I found myself in Salt Lake City, with my mom, staring at bits and pieces of human bodies. I had not planned on going to the Body Worlds Exhibit for various reasons. Leaning on the margin of error I wondered where this kind of exhibit will take us. I learned more about the body and most importantly I leaned about the heart, but most of it was learned from the quotes on the wall rather than looking at human bodies cut into slices. The only problem my mom had with it was the smell of BO from fellow exhibit goers. There was an article published in the New Atlantis in 2007, by Thomas S. Hobbs a professor of ethics and culture at Baylor University stated, "The question is whether it (Body Worlds) has substantive educational value, or is merely feeding our inordinate taste for the macabre while masquerading as science education." and also explained that , "Body Worlds brings us face to face with something profound, but it will leave us mute and inarticulate, the very image of what we behold." In the end this exhibit has forced me to think about ethics regarding the human body and use of it when it is vacant.

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