Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twin Baby shower invite ideas

I was excited to design some invitations for a baby shower of a friend having twins. The collection of free fonts at disneybaby made it a piece of cute baby shower cake.  

Painting for Zion riverside

Monday, April 15, 2013

Flower Arrangement Idea, Poppies

I saw this flower arrangement in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  Lindsey Taylor used a work of art (Brice Mardens "The Sisters") to inspire her.  Here is a link to the article, Poppy Art.  The flowers she uses are oriental poppies, french tulips, black pussy willow branches, a branch of forced forsythia, icy blue tweedia, and a few daffodils.  (description is from the article, I wish I knew the names of each plant)  This reminded me of when the Utah Museum of Fine Art did "Art in Bloom"  in 2009 where florists responded to works of art with floral arrangements, and displayed them next to the artwork.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cleaning out Drawers

I hate throwing things away.  So I scan it and then throw it away......  Here are some things I found that I decided to keep here, not taking space in my house.

Article, Evoking the Past with Dusty Letters

About the artist 
Dana Tanamachi

I attended a seminar where Sarah James spoke about the living in Australia and finding this school for her daughter who needed a special education.  
The school, called the Port Phillip school uses the arts to help students learn.  
Not just the visual arts but music, dance, theater!  I loved her presentation, the model she presented and the outcome they achieved at this school.  Now I can throw the flier away, Im getting the book!  As a side note, I will never send my children to a school where the arts are not taught or included.  I agree with Sir Ken Robinson on this one.

Beautiful Polish wrapping paper 
I got over ten years ago in Poland  (Im not throwing it away, not until I copy the lovely Wicinanki patterns)

Ok instead of posting each thing separately, lets put these all together

Title: My Overflowing Drawers of Paper

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turn turn turn

I realized that people look at my blog and it is horribly designed. Im working on it.  Web design is something new to learn more about but the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. The website pugly pixel has helped me a ton in creating a static blog.   She has great design ideas on her site and free tutorials.  I have been working on my childrens art blog We will see how it all comes together.  I told my high school students that I would update this blog.  Sorry about that, I have been to busy living the good life!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Singing electricians and a blinking baby

My summer of painting has turned into a summer of tiling bathrooms in my basement and running to Home Depot.  I have to admit that laying tile can be artistic, but it is lacking expression.  I have a goal to post something once a week.  I hope my students can find this blog.  I accidentally put on the card I gave them.  Parents may be concerned.  It points out a very important point to proofread things you give to people.  Gummy Bear (my baby) is seven months old today (he is still in my belly).  I just learned that he can blink and dream.   There isnt much to see inside the womb, I wonder what he is dreaming about? 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The dedication

Today there was the dedication of the High School, volunteer house (that I am in right now) and the new dining hall. The students were so excited to see their parents! There was a big program with speakers and dancing. I was in charge of watching the UKG (Kindergarten) kids, which meant stopping fights, keeping them from running to sit with their parents (which I did not like at all) and handing them stars when they got up to sing. They have not seen their parents for a month or two. The parents were waving at them and calling their names. Since most of their families have been affected by leprosy they can’t ride buses so Rising Star picks them up in their vans from train stations, and villages. The students were smashed against the bar windows in their classrooms, climbing up them, looking for their parents. Parents brought home made food and treats for each one of their kids. They didn’t really care about the dedication ceremonies; they just wanted to spend time with their little ones. Watching the dancers that prepared for so long perform perfectly was amazing. I got to braid their hair this morning and help them get ready after one of the house moms helped me put on a sari. After the kids sang “ I’m a rising star” all the families went out into the mango grove, sat on mats and ate lunch. The Marriott catered lunch and they served Biriani with Raita sauce. MY FAVORITE. After photographing as many families as I could I sat down and ate with them. The Marriott donated $25,000 dollars today! It was one of those days where you feel like you are in a movie and a super cool song starts playing as the camera zooms into your smiling face.