Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cleaning out Drawers

I hate throwing things away.  So I scan it and then throw it away......  Here are some things I found that I decided to keep here, not taking space in my house.

Article, Evoking the Past with Dusty Letters

About the artist 
Dana Tanamachi

I attended a seminar where Sarah James spoke about the living in Australia and finding this school for her daughter who needed a special education.  
The school, called the Port Phillip school uses the arts to help students learn.  
Not just the visual arts but music, dance, theater!  I loved her presentation, the model she presented and the outcome they achieved at this school.  Now I can throw the flier away, Im getting the book!  As a side note, I will never send my children to a school where the arts are not taught or included.  I agree with Sir Ken Robinson on this one.

Beautiful Polish wrapping paper 
I got over ten years ago in Poland  (Im not throwing it away, not until I copy the lovely Wicinanki patterns)

Ok instead of posting each thing separately, lets put these all together

Title: My Overflowing Drawers of Paper

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