Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Skiek Hindu Wedding

Hindu Sheik Wedding
Saturday night we found out that there was a huge wedding at our hotel that would be going on all night. We could hear drumming everywhere in the hotel, and the steps leading to the big reception hall were lined perfectly with pink and white flowers. Strings of Jasmine perfumed the air. I was hesitant to attend a wedding I wasn’t invited to but someone told us that it would be an honor for them to have foreigners attends. I felt very welcomed once we were in, in fact, I felt too welcomed. We were pulled into the middle of a group of professional dancers surrounded by drummers and maybe the mother of the groom. I tried to copy the moves that the dancers were doing and just feel the beat, but I’m pretty sure I looked awful. As we danced a man waved money over us, (for good luck) if I don’t make millions this year, I will be very disappointed. Then the whole procession of hundreds of people moved out into the gardens surrounding the hotel. The groom was sitting in a horse drawn carriage, his face was covered with a diamond veil and he had a younger cousin seated next to him. The carriage was behind the crowd and everyone led the way. Men with torches were lighting our path, we were pulled back into the dancing circle. It was so exciting, but I was still a bit uneasy about being there just because I was a foreigner. I tried to look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a wedding as Grande as this one was. You would have thought it was a royal wedding judging by the crowd, the jewels, and the place it was in. We got back to an entrance to the dining hall and after the groom arrived and was led to a couch/throne in front of the audience the bride finally arrived. She was covered in Gold! Her face was adorned by an enormous nose ring that linked to an ear ring. Her face was flawless! She walked up to the groom under a canopy of jasmine. They exchanged flower necklaces. I was waiting for a kiss, and then I remembered that this is India, there would be no kissing at this wedding. It was a spectacular event. We were served Coke, and led into a banquet hall with TONS of delicious food. Lasagna, ice cream, and a ton of delicious Indian food. A woman saw me eating and directed my attention to an Indian dessert called Jelabe, or Jellybee. It is fried sugar covered in cream (a new favorite of mine : ). The whole even was painted with bright pinks, yellows, and reds. Indian weddings go on all night. On our way out around midnight we met a really nice couple and their grandson. They said we were good crazy dancers. I took it as a compliment. They had a love marriage, not an arranged one. The wife is an artist, she paints silk. I am really going to miss the new experiences that I have every day in India. I doubt I will ever attend a wedding like this ever again.

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