Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Owls

I have in my procession a painting of four owls. Here is the story of the artist. Rada Vamkatasamy is 30 years old and was afflicted with leprosy fifteen years ago. She has been married for those fifteen years, and her husband also suffers from a disability but works assisting doctors. She has a daughter that is 9 years old, Trisha, who is a student at Rising Star. She was accepted at the Bindu Art school in January and has been producing incredible paintings ever since. Each weekday she paints from 9-11 and then from 3-5. She, like the other artists at the school, meditates for 15 minutes before she starts to paint. She paints mostly from her imagination. After coming to the Bindu Art School, each time she paints she has a peace of mind that she didn’t have before. The Bindu Art School was established for and with people affected by Leprosy. Somewhere along the line Rada lost one of her feet because of complications when she had Leprosy. When I first saw her painting she was smiling as she painted pink lines over and over a white Bindu Art School stamped paper. It is amazing to see this group of painters at work. They were able to have an Exhibition in Austria a few years ago and with much negotiation with the airlines some of the artists were able to be there. They have a website, just Google Bindu Art School and you can see their work. I love the four owls. They remind me of the childrens. (I know I spelled that wrong)

Update: Trisha may not be her daughter, but her neice or cousin..... I still think she is her mom.

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