Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Driving through New Delhi on a Rickshaw is like being on Old Prospectors Railroad ride at a theme park. The streets in Old Delhi have canopies of power cables, and are so narrow that only one rickshaw can pass through. We visited the first Jain Temple in New Delhi. We had to remove our shoes, any leather products and our bags. Inside the temple there are gold plated sculptures of many different Gods, but they are really all forms of the same God. Each marble sculpture is washed with milk each day, and everything smelled like sandalwood. There was a sculpture of the Mother of God. She had about twenty arms and each was holding something to help her. It was fascinating. After we left the temple our guide took us to the spice market. We walked passed men carrying huge sacks of spices into a covered alley way and up some stairs. There were so many smells you couldn’t breathe without coughing. We climbed the stairs and got above the spicy air and reached the roof of the market. It was Friday so we got to see Muslim men washing before entering their Mosk to pray. We ate lunch then realized that my sister in laws purse was missing. Picture a long chain of rickshaws speeding through the bumpy streets of Old Delhi trying to find the purse. We went back to a place where we bought Bengals, drew a crowd of about thirty men as we searched the place. We never found it. Luckily she had her passport in her bag. We loaded up into our van with a huge TOURIST logo on it and began our 4 hour drive to Agra. We drove all night and were greeted at the Jaypee Palace by our guide Niten.

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