Saturday, July 10, 2010

The art of the Sari

I’ve never been the kind a girl that wears a bunch of jewelry, but today was special, and I think I have been converted. I was really excited to wear a sari for the celebration today, but I had two things going against me. The first one is that I have no clue how to put a sari on, and the second is that “for religious and personal reasons” I did not want to show my stomach. A miracle solved my second problem. A head band I made for this trip out of black stretchy material fit perfectly over my white belly. The first concern vanished as a house mother pulled me into her room and was excited to help put my sari on. If you do it wrong the whole thing can fall off. You need about 3 safety pins to keep it in place. After being wrapped over and over, the sari finally fit. When the house mother realized that I didn’t have earrings or a necklace to wear she grabbed her jewelry box, pushed her earrings through the vacant holes in my ears, and put a beautiful necklace around my neck. She finished me off with a bindi on my forehead and two red marks above it. I have never felt so beautiful; I even wore my ankle bracelets with bells. I may turn into a toe-ring-wearing, jewelry person.

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Samantha Thayn said...

Oh McCall how fun! You looked so cute in your Sari, did you get to keep it? Sounds like you had an awesome trip.