Friday, June 25, 2010

This one goes out to the one I love

When I first started this story of India travels I think I forgot to mention that it was my anniversary. I have been married for one wonderful year. Today we started singing "more than words" by Eric Clapton and I thought about the one I love, the one who supports me in everything that I do, reads to me so I can fall asleep when Im sick, makes me laugh every single day, the one who I can allways talk to and he never makes me feel silly for the things I do or say. Just before we got married I was watching an old movie with Cary grant that took place during the civil war and, wait it wasnt cary grant it was the guy on Mr Kruegers christmas, anyway this kid had just showed up to ask him if he could marry his daughter and the dad, Mr Krueger man, sat him down and the conversation went something like this,
Krueger "Well I know you love her, but do you like her"
Kid "Excuse me sir?"
Krueger "Do you like her, do you want to be around her"
Kid "Well sure I like her"
It may not sound profound to you but it was to me. I dont only love my husband, I really like him. and I really miss him : )


Tori said...

We love him too!!!!!!!!

Doug said...

Oh we love him also and we love you. We are so grateful for the obvious positive contribution you are making to all. I can tell the children love you and of course the volunteers are enjoying just being with you. Thank you for every effort you are making to do GOOD.