Monday, June 28, 2010

Take it in

Take it in. It’s so late but my mind is not ready for bed. Becky showed up, she is the founder of Rising Star, and she has been telling us about the big picture and how lucky we are to be here and be a part of something that could make history. I wondered about how the children were selected to come to the incredible school. Becky explained that they choose children from each of the leprosy colonies and all of the students that were chosen have one or more parents that are afflicted by leprosy. They can’t accept all of the children because there would be thousands. Most of these children would have no opportunity to go to school because of their association with leprosy. They live in colonies and are even referred to as untouchables. The stigma of leprosy has existed for thousands of years, I had no clue it still existed until I heard about Rising Star Outreach. In India there are fines if you kill someone, but if they have leprosy it is less than if you would have killed your neighbor’s dog. I don’t want to go on about all of these horrible things and how awful women are treated in India, and the atrocities that these children have experienced, but it is something that can’t be ignored. There are people in India that are trying to change things. One of these women is Padma Venkataraman. Her father was the former president of India and she has made it possible for Rising Star to be able to be here in India. She is speaking next Saturday at the dedication of the High School and I am so excited to listen and learn from her. Back to why I can’t sleep right now. The Children. I remember seeing commercials about donating to a charity to help feed children and thinking, “Does that money ever get to them? Does sending them money really help the problem or does it just stick a band aid on a broken arm?” Living in a place that runs off of donations and seeing the need and the gratitude that the people here I know that there is some higher power in charge of this organization and that these children are going to have a great role in changing the stigma of leprosy and poverty. The school offers them a chance to not only succeed but to have dignity and self worth. I was asked to learn about a girl in the room that I help each night so that I could write her Biography so she could get a sponsor. Each child has a sponsor that pays $30 dollars a month for their education, housing, food, medical expenses, everything. As I have started to learn about her, her name is Abisha, I have a feeling I am going to end up sponsoring her myself. But I will also post a picture of her and write what I have found out to let other people have the opportunity to be blessed by helping these special kids. I am going to try and fall asleep and think of all of the good things these kids are going to do in the future.

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Sue said...

McCall that was an awesome post. You are make a huge contribution with your teaching skills and your art talents. I am really proud of you. Just think how you are a part of that change that is happening in the lives of those kids.