Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Moot Colony

We took a trip out to a leprosy colony last Thursday with Doctor Kumar as he made his biweekly visit. They were waiting for us with smiles on their faces. Leprosy has not changed the love these people have for life or others. None of them have active leprosy and from what I found out they have to live together in these colonies because people will not let them live in their villages, they are kicked out and shunned as soon as people find out they have leprosy (no wonder they try to hide it). An American family that was with us brought mangos for them to eat as we waited for everyone to have their check up. There are two dancers with us that brought the famous song "Jaiho" from the slum dog millionaire soundtrack, they love it! They danced, well one of them danced. I think his name was Jajraj and he was one of the happiest people I have ever met. His laugh could be recorded and used as a way to create world peace. So kind and true. We all waited patiently while a woman applied red velvet bindi stickers to our foreheads. I was amazed that someone with so little would give us so much! I think she would have given us everything if we only would have asked. One man received a new board with wheels to use as transportation and he was so excited and grateful for it. Another woman invited us into her small home and wanted us to see "her birds". She threw out some of her own precious food to feed her beloved birds. They speak Tamil and I wish I could have been able to speak with them. I would have asked her if she had names for her birds, how long she had been living in this place, what her name was, how did she feel when she found out she had leprosy, how did her family treat her, could I help her be more comfortable? We brought some bandages that had been crochet by someone Bailey knows and they received them as they would have a brand new baby. I feel lucky to have been there to see that. I wish I could have understood what they told us in Tamil.

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