Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Library Mural

My clothes are covered in drips of green paint! I started painting the mural I was asked to do in the library. It is a scene from the jungle book. Mogli is there, Baloo, Bagera, Sheer Kahn, and Kaa the snake. While drawing the mural my pants that I had tucked into my “underclothing” fell completely off. There weren’t a lot of people in the library just my two pals Kacy and Shelly, the two children they were tutoring, and the librarian. I don’t know if he saw, I just tried to be calm about it, reached down, pulled them up and kept drawing. Luckily the tops we wear are down to our knees so no harm done. (I hope) I was asked to teach two classes an art lesson, so I taught 3rd and 4th graders how to paint a flower. I love this lesson because we all start with the same pink flower and the outcome is like a whole bouquet of various flowers. Some with blue dots others had faces. I love artwork created by children. I felt honored to teach at such an incredible school. The students are so intelligent. All of their lessons are taught in English, and they have one notebook to write in that they are responsible to keep track of. They keep their pencil until it has been widdled to the eraser! In between painting and teaching I also discussed with the teachers how to use art to enhance their lessons. I spoke to them about the need children have to express themselves and how important creativity is. It went well. The only thing is I sort of committed to get the school more art supplies, so now I need to figure out a way to make that possible. It will happen, things just do. I feel less and less in charge of the direction my life is going and more excited to just look around and be amazed at where I am. I don’t know if that makes sense, maybe the paint fumes are getting to me. Last night Bailey and I worked on the mural, dripping wet with sweat, and singing the Across the Universe soundtrack and dancing. It was awesome, except for the mosquitoes and bugs that are now glued with green paint to the library wall.


Tori said...

Hi Mc Dad Boo and I are just getting ready to go to Oscars for breakfast When we get back we are going to have a contest climbing the tree to hang the swing over the river I say it is no contest I will be up the tree before dad puts his three pairs of socks on and makes sure his shoes are tied right! We are waiting for the library pictures!!!!!!! It is supposed to be 108 today I know there will be no sympathy from the girls in India

Spencer said...

Hey, When do we get to see the final product of the mural?