Sunday, June 20, 2010

India blue

Here are some words of wisdom from our Hindu guide at the Kapaaleswar Temple.
Guide “Define Impossible”
Us “you can’t do it”
Guide “Spell impossible”
Us “I M P O S S I B L E”
Guide “What did you spell?”
Us “I’m possible”
The moral of the story, “nothings impossible”. However, no one is perfect. Our guide also compared a wife to a knife, and ice cream?! Some more words for the wise, you can’t enter a Hindu temple unless you are Hindu. It seems like you could cut the air here in Chennai with a knife. The humidity has turned my hair into Muffassa’s mane. The sounds of Chennai consist of honking cars and more honking cars. The smell is a mixture of jasmine and dirt; it is not nearly as bad as people made it out to be. We woke up way too late to make it to an LDS sacrament meeting so we made up for it by going to a Roman Catholic basilica and the before mentioned Hindu temple. I have been nicknamed “the teacher” by our driver, Richard. The same driver that waited for four hours at the airport, while our plane was late and we had fill out forms in order to find our bags that didn’t show up. Bailey is so tired she has fallen asleep again. At dinner we all looked dazed and confuse, I guess it could be jet lag. As we were driving around today I noticed that there is a color that ties everything in this city together. Pale blue with a bit of green in it litters the city, on buses, billboards, buckets, bags, and I’m sure a ton of other words that start with B. The city compliments the sky. I didn’t notice hardly any beggars or people suffering from leprosy in the streets. Things I read about India made me think I would be seeing sorrow on every corner, but instead I saw families cruising by on motorcycles, two little boys riding a pink bike down the street, smiling faces, fruit stands that had the fruit stacked in symmetrical piles resembling brightly colored art assemblages, and tables with stacks of flowers, filling the air with the scent of jasmine. Not bad at all. I can’t wait to get out of the tourists shoes and walk in some real ones. Tomorrow the real journey begins, and we will be heading to the Rising Star Outreach center. Until then, sit under a mandala and try to clear your mind, I’m going to pay a visit to the sandman.

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