Friday, June 25, 2010

God will give

I am very interested in the school that gives these children such amazing opportunities. The children and most of the teachers live here on campus. There is the hostel, where the kids eat and sleep, and the school. Some of the kids are as young as 4 years old. Many of their parents live in the leprosy colonies and some have no parents at all. You would never know how many awful things they have seen in their lives, let alone the way some of them may have been treated by people in their communities, especially if someone in their families had been afflicted by leprosy. What kind of education can a school in the middle of the jungle offer these special ones? I have not seen their test scores or their report cards, but I have listened to them speak, seen them type, and watched them study. They work hard to get a good education. Like most schools, not just here in India but around the world, art is a subject that is neglected. They have a supply closet with paints and precious as gold paper, but no one has access to them. On Tuesday I am going to present on art integration to a group of the teachers. How can you talk about history without art? How can you teach about science or biology without models to look at? Art enhances all other subjects and life itself. I can’t wait to talk to the teachers about how they can use art to help the students understand material and as a way to assess their understanding, and use their creativity. Paper is precious to these children. When I taught my class on drawing they sat and waited for me to tell them more, and very diligently copied what was doing on the board. After the class the house mother, hER son, Karl Marx, was in my class,thanked me for coming to their school and teaching art. Then we talked about children and she asked me how many I have and I told her that didn’t have any yet, and then I joked about wanting twins and she said, “Just pray, God will give it to you.” Right on! That is so true. I wonder about all of the millions of prayers God answered to allow these children an opportunity to have a better life. Last night I was hanging out by the sinks in the bathroom (I was a bit sick) on the girls side of the living quarters and got to see the girls brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. They were all brushing and staring at me with smiles on their faces wondering what I was doing in there. I told them I wasn’t feeling good and made a puking gesture and motioned to my belly. Next thing I know all of the girls are filling their mouths with water and pretending to throw up in the sink and laughing their heads off. This was all followed by a water fight. It’s like a slumber party with 20 girls every night in our room. I love it!

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Tori said...

Good teachers change the world, Have you seen any elephants yet?