Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eating Rasberries with Lex

Last saturday I happened to notice the plethora of rasberries in our neighbors yard. Too many for me to pick alone. My niece Lexi enlisted as my accomplice. Most of them ended up in our mouths, and the ones that made it into the bag didnt last more than 10 minutes before they were sitting comfortably in our bellies. The horses next door were looking lonely so we decided to give them some weeds. Are those bad to feed horses? They seemed to really enjoy them! Oh, along with the rasberries we also got away with some squash and tomatoes which we made into a deliciouse Fall soup with some corn that I grew, and I grew it from a SEED! Incredible. The first thing Ive ever grown and eaten. I am proud of myself. Lex is a great partner in crime!

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