Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Summer Job

Alaska didn't work out, neither did Portland, Seattle, Copenhagen or New Zealand. Alpine, Utah was where I ended up. Home sweet home. I slept on my floor in my room for the first few weeks, then a spot opened up in my little brothers room. (mine is filled with stained glass scraps and different projects I have been working on for years) I transformed it into a studioish space. I figured I could get a job at the bronze foundry I worked at last summer, and I did. I planned on riding my bike to work, and I mostly did. I was a wax chaser, just like I was the year before. We, wax chasers, fix up the wax forms of sculptures and prepare them to be poured in bronze. Some times we have to sculpt new noses and fingers but mostly it is just getting rid of the lines where they joined the pieces together, the seam. Lucky for me I worked with the same crew I worked with last year. Karen, Shari, Sherry, Joe, Beatrice, Gina, and Jana, she is the new one. Shari is a punk rocker at heart and makes very tasty HERBAL tea. Karen is the one you go to when you get burnt or cut, and she makes excellent banana bread. Sherry makes strange animal sounds throughout the day, throws wax and has a very contagious laugh. Dang it I don't think I have spell check on this thing... oh well. Joe. He is the only boy in the room. He can talk in any accent on this planet and most likely the surrounding ones, his wife always does really nice things for the rest of us. Beatrice is from Columbia, she doesn't like spicy food, and she is a fast worker and probably the best. Jana is married to Ricki, she also works at hearts and she still manages to be a great mom. Gina is our personal psychiatrist, and health advocate. She makes sure we are happy and healthy, and does the gardening. I hope I can be like all of them one day. My friend Travis took these pictures of me at work for a project he is working on, on a normal day I would have wax smudges everywhere.

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Travis Lovell said...

Your introductions of your friends remind me of the beginning of Amelie and a Very Long Engagement. Well done.